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Our Sapna Steel Hastelloy Refractory Anchor is planned in consistence with worldwide quality norms. The Hastelloy Refractory Anchor one determined measurement having a drag of an alternate and littler distance across with the exception of the drag and center measurements our aptitude we are equipped for offering redid Hastelloy Refractory Anchor according to the necessities of our clients. The best quality Hastelloy Refractory Anchor which is solid and come at moderate rates the Hastelloy Refractory Anchor are accessible in wide ranges that are sought after.

Y-Anchors Zigzag

We are specialized in manufacturing superior quality Zigzag Y-Anchors, these are widely used in various industrial applications.


  • 215 X 145 X 5 MM
  • 190 X 45 X 5 MM
  • 185 X 105 X 5 MM
  • 175 X 30 X 5 MM 
  • 155 X 70 X 5 MM
  • 90 X 30 X 5 MM
  • 80 X 30 X 5 MM

Y-Anchors and Crook Anchors

We manufacture a comprehensive range of refractory anchors for the cement, steel and petrochemical industry - for the retaining of castable and brick linings.

Y Anchors and Crook Anchors are offered for immediate dispatch. Various C Clips and Hangers for ceramic anchors to suit individual requirements.


  • 230 X 115 X 05 MM
  • 200 X 100 X 05 MM
  • 150 X 75 X 05 MM
  • 75 X 25 X 05 MM


We manufacture and export superior quality U-Anchors, these can be availed in various specifications like:

  • 55 X 16 X 05 MM
  • 225 X 27 X 05 MM
    Wing Nut Type


We are manufacturer & supplier of V-Anchor, to match all types of lining for cement, ceramic, steel, petrochemical, refinary industry for the retaining of monolithic, ceramic fiber and brick linings. Our anchors are suitable for single & dual layer lining, brick, ceramic, fiber and monolithic. All refractory anchor made from stainless steel [SS] 304, 310, Alloy 601- inconel and other heat resistant alloys. Specifications:

  • 55 X 15 X 05 MM

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